Negombo – Our childhood playground!

Negombo boat 2

I spent most of my childhood in Negombo and went to Marist Stella College Catholic boys school. We lived in Sea Street in Negombo where I have many wonderful child memories of visiting the beach, swimming in sea, fishing, eating delicious sea food (fish, lobsters, crabs and prawns) and playing cricket.

Negombo is a major city in Sri Lanka close to the International airport. It is situated on the west coast of the island and at the mouth of the Negombo Lagoon. It is approximately 35 km north of Colombo City. Negombo is known for its fishing industry with busy fish markets and sandy beaches. It also know as “little Rome” for the large number of churches and more than 60% of people living in here are Catholics.

Negombo has been a trading port for Portugese and Dutch and is a ideal place for those who want quick access to and from the airport. Attractions in the city are the old Dutch fort gate built in 1672 now a part of the prison, the Dutch Canal, old churches and fishing villages.

Negombo Beach

Sandy beaches of Negombo has been mostly unexplored but less crowded as most tourists use the town for the first or the last night of their stay in Sri Lanka. One of the advantages of Negombo beach is that you are likely to have the beach mostly to your self.  The beach stretches are well maintained by the hotels while some are always busy with fisherman and their equipment.


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