Sri Lanka’s hill country: Horton Plains!

Horton Plains National Park is one of the BEST places to visit in Sri Lanka. Amazing views, gorgeous environment, clean air and water…Natural beauty at its best!

horton-plains-2 horton-plains-3

I last visited Horton Plains in March 2010. This is a super place to see “Sambur” deer (early morning or late evening) and if you are lucky, the laziest and best fed Leopards. It is a 10km walk to Worlds End and back. It can get chilly and wet, so go well prepared. Take some water or warm beverage as there are no shops once you are in the park. Wear warm clothes (a hoodie, hat, umbrella or even a rain coat). Carry as little as possible. Wear sensible footwear (walking boots or sports shoes are the best). If you walk leisurely, admiring the beauty and giving yourself little breaks, it will be much easier on your legs the next day! There’s amenities along the way but bring your own toilet paper.

directions-of-the-nature-trail-2 map-of-the-nature-trail

There are 2 paths to take to visit the 3 main attractions: Mini worlds end, Worlds end and Bakers falls. The route to the right where you can visit the bakers falls first, is the most scenic route and the easiest. I think it’s wise to use that route, so you visit bakers falls, worlds end and mini worlds end last. The walk ways can be a bit muddy. There are a couple of walkways (one near the 2km post, where you can walk down to the lake and have a dip. The water is icy cold but so pure and clean and the view is amazing down there.

sambur-deer-1Remember not to take any disposable plastic or foil bags, covers. You can bring water bottles but the outer covers must be removed. Even biscuits or snacks must be put into paper bags which are provided at the entrance. It’s a bit annoying, but once you are inside the park, it’s clear how important it is to keep the environment safe.

sambur-deer-2 srlkjg-1382

We stayed in Nuwara Eliya and hired a car and driver who picked us up at 5am. It took about an hour to get there and the sunrise was spectacular. Also, make sure you make an early start- aim to get to the start of the walk by 7-7:30am, this should get you to Worlds End by about 8:30-9am. Any later and the clouds might start to roll in!



The car cost us 5,000 rupees and the ticket prices were a bit steep by Sri Lankan standards (3,000 rupees per person).





The only challenging bit was the short climb down to the waterfall but well worth it.

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