Some of My Favourite Sri Lankan Food

Sri Lankan cuisine mainly consists of boiled or steamed rice served with curry. This usually consists of a “main curry” of fish, chicken, pork or mutton (typically goat), as well as several other curries made with vegetables, fruits and lentils.

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String Hoppers is another food native to Sri Lanka, served mainly for breakfast or dinner and often accompanied by a mix of red onions and spices.

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Hoppers are made from a fermented batter of  rice flour and coconut milk.

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Red Lentils with coconut Milk – Sri Lankan Parippu. If there’s one dish that is truly Sri Lankan, it would be the Parippu curry.

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One of my favourites is Wattakka (Pumpkin) Curry.

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Another favourite of mine is boiled and mashed plantain with red onions and green chilies.