Cycling 2

Cycling is a great eco-friendly way for fun, fitness, enjoy the fresh air and explore the locality of Sri Lanka from a different perspective.

Air pollution is one of the world’s major problems. Different modes of transport such as cars, buses, trams, trains and others cause serious air pollution and emit considerable CO2  into the atmosphere. Cycling does not require fuel or does not emit any poisonous gases; as well it has practically no carbon footprint. To breath fresh air and drink clean water, a reduction in all these pollution levels is essential. Cycling is an environmentally as well as eco-friendly way to enjoy your holiday and explore the locality.

Colombo Airport Homestay introduced four recycled bicycles recently. These bicycles were once abandoned in Japan and then imported to Sri Lanka. Stay with us and explore our neighborhood and gain a local experience! Those who would like to cycle in different parts of Sri Lanka, we can also load bicycles in our van.

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